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DIS Tree Plantation Contest - 2021

Rules and regulations:

  • • Participants within age limit from 3 to 18 will be allowed to participate.
  • • Winner of the competition to be decided on the higher number of trees planted.
  • • Plantation must be done at home or roof or surrounding area of participants’ residences
  • • Participants must press ‘going’ at the Facebook Event Page 
  • • Pictures of the tree before planting and after planting to be uploaded at the Facebook event page from the following link:
  • click and see the event details
  • • Post of image(s) should have participants name, age, and email address
  • • Video Tutorial Link how will you upload the picture:
  • click and upload pictur here
  • • Post should be given within the deadline ( 26 March to 3 April)
  • • Violating or misconduct of any rules and regulations might result in disqualification of the participant.,
  • • Plants must be well taken care of and periodic feedback must be given at the Event Page.

Daffodil International School | Home Page

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