Message from CEO, Daffodil Family:


Zaman Sir  

Daffodil International School (DIS) has brought a new dimension to the field of education in Bangladesh by offering both the English version of the National Curriculum as well as IGCSE and A level examinations in its English medium branches. All of us at DIS believe that parents should have the option to choose the curriculum which best suits their children, their pockets and their aspirations for their children's futures. For some this will mean working towards university education abroad and these parents may opt for international qualifications, while others, of course, prefer a course of studies which focuses in greater depth on local culture, language and history.

But whichever curriculum you choose, you can rest assured that your children will acquire respect for their Bangladeshi heritage, learning to love their culture and their mother tongue, while at the same time showing tolerance of others' histories and beliefs. At DIS, we know that an understanding of foreign culture teaches us about the importance of diversity but also deepens our appreciation of our own. 

Yet, DIS is not a traditional school either. The Daffodil Family has its roots in the IT industry and we are committed to developing a nation that can take its rightful place on the global platform. If our students are not conversant with up-to-the-minute IT skills, they will not be able to play their part in making this happen. If they do not learn entrepreneurial competence, they will not be able to compete or cooperate with our international partners

So, DIS both values the past and also sets great store by educating children for the future.

Together with our parents, we at DIS work hard to combine these two perspectives, helping our students achieve the very best they can in terms of academic learning and securing the great results that will stand them in good stead as they compete for university places and for satisfying and winning careers. Yet, that is only part of the DIS picture. We also aim to inculcate traditional Bangladeshi values in our students: integrity, honesty, compassion for the less fortunate and moral decency in their behaviour towards others.