Message from Academic Director  

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It is a great pleasure for me now to be helping Daffodil International School to be the best that it can be and so give your children an education that combines integrity, academic excellence and exploration of so much that will make their lives interesting and valuable. This is not just something I am writing because it is the usual thing to say in a message on a website or handbook. I mean it most sincerely. Let us then examine what that means for your children at DIS.

In the first place, the Daffodil group believes in academic excellence. As parents, we all know the importance of our children's career choices and the role that exam results will play in getting them into leading universities and, so, land them well-paid and interesting jobs. It is my responsibility as Academic Director to ensure that the syllabuses, the teaching staff and the materials and resources we use all play their part in making this happen. For this reason, I am training teachers weekly and improving their skills in creating materials. We believe that great teachers are only great because they always want to be better.
Next, at Daffodil we believe in the power of technology in learning and earning. Our campuses are equipped with wifi to allow teachers to use state-of-the-art resources from the web to make classes both more interesting and more learner-focused. We enable our students in this way to transform their knowledge into skills they can use.
Then, while acknowledging the necessity of outstanding academic performance, we also know that this is not enough to make a balanced human being. DIS believes that learning without compassion, respect for diversity or a strong moral framework is simply not enough. For this reason, we place great emphasis on nurturing the best in ourselves and our students so that we can contribute to making a better country and a better world!
Finally, at DIS, we hope to introduce our students to the joys of their own culture, history and language. At so many English medium schools, Bengali and Bangladeshi culture are neglected, taking second place a very long way behind English. At DIS we are proud that we are Bangladeshi and want our students to appreciate the privilege that this means. That is not to say that we are uninterested in the art, music and history of the wider world. We are, of course, but we will never forget our own identity either!  
DR. Mark James Bartholomew
Academic Director, DIS