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Message from Principal

Message from Principal

I have a dream-

“Walking into a school with hundreds of enthusiastic learners smiling and greeting, ethically grounded and emotionally invested in the art of learning.” - It’s a unique reality that makes my dream successful and ever practical in Daffodil International School (DIS). I have discovered here an exceptional teaching and learning process which is managed by a group of highly qualified and efficient teachers from well-established educational backgrounds.

Indeed, DIS, seeks to personalize the learning experience for every student. The teachers, who are supported by a visionary board of management, provide quality pastoral care to ensure that the students are supported to achieve success at all levels of study. The moral and ethical bond between teachers, students and guardians enriches the school environment.

For years, we have subscribed to a vision where we nurture interest in these youngsters’ minds. We have been entrusted with the greatest asset that one can have, children, and so we promise nothing less than absolute sincerity in molding them for a better and brighter tomorrow.

We are committed to ensuring that every student receives the skills, knowledge and experience that will allow her or him to take the next step in their lives with confidence, when they leave Daffodil International School (DIS). We believe that we give our students the necessary tools to have a choice about their future.

Therefore, I welcome you to DAFFODIL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL (DIS), which helps your children grow and learn in a harmonious environment, resulting in the all-round development of their bodies, minds and souls.

Please visit our website; www.dis.edu.bd to get more information about DIS.

I wish you and your children the best.

Dr. Md Mahmudul Hassan
Principal, Dhaka

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