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Salient Features of DIS

Salient Features of DIS

We provide a holistic, traditional, value-for-money, internationally biased, education for globally orientated parents

  • An international curricular framework, which emphasizes a learner, centered education; human centered development; a knowledge centered society, and an innovation centered India.
  • Co-educational school
  • International curriculum
  • Experienced management team
  • Educational and operation credibility - 60 years
  • Limited Class size of 40 children
  • Staff to student ratio of 1:20
  • An atmosphere of happiness and security.
  • A unique medical plan is developed for primary prevention and early detection of disease and / or malfunctioning.
  • Superb outdoor area providing experience that will develop a whole variety of physical skills, imagination and creativity.
  • Stimulating and challenging environment.
  • Modern Teaching Curriculum.
  • Play way Method of Teaching with Theme works. Play integrates all kinds of learning - social, intellectual, physical - into meaningful whole.
  • Creative Development through art and design, music and movement, role-play and imaginative play.
  • Ongoing assessment and record keeping including a portfolio, record of achievement and teacher records.
  • Qualified, experienced staff.
  • Regular Field Trips
  • Good collection of books, educational toys and material.
  • Development of Early reading habits in children.
  • A Comprehensive Educational Program which integrates the best in our culture and philosophy with academic education

We envisionĀ the DIS that:

  • focus upon a learning community working cooperatively to assist each child to succeed at the highest level possible;
  • focus upon a learning process with high expectations for each child as a member of a democratic society;
  • value each child as a whole person within an atmosphere of respect and tolerance for individual differences;
  • collaborate with colleagues to apply proven, effective classroom learning strategies and management practices to enhance student learning.
  • demonstrate excellence through character education by providing a variety of opportunities and encouraging participation by all.
  • committed to keeping parents informed about their student's progress and seek opportunities to incite their active support of DIS- English Medium School and its student's.
  • dedicated to developing and improving teaching strategies through professional developmentĀ 
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