Admission is going on for the Session: 2024-25 from PG to A level.

Academic Sections

Grade PG to KG
: This section covers classes from Playgroup to Kindergarten 2. Students of this section are in their first stage of learning where they begin their preschool and early learning. Children being very young at this stage have impressionable minds that need a caring environment. Starting with training to hold a pencil through games, songs, storytelling and a lot of innovativeness, they end up being capable and confident pupils who can clearly express themselves both in speech and in writing

Grade 1 to 4: This section covers classes from grades 1 to 4. From here they begin their primary education. Here the curriculum and co-curricular activities are combined to offer a variety of learning opportunities that enable each student to attain individuality and develop academic and personal (social) growth. It encourages each student in the development of health and positive self-image

Grade 5 to 7: This sections covers classes from grades 5 to 7. To complement the curriculum extensive curricular and extracurricular activities are combined that aim to meet the educational, social and emotional needs of the early adolescent. The adolescent is viewed as a unique character copying with a changing body, changing interests and changing relationships. The whole program enhances social interaction, health recreation, leadership, self- discipline and self-confidence and also develops the intellectual, creative and physical abilities which a child needs beyond school years, i.e. in their tertiary education.

Grade 8 to 12: Senior Section Courses taught in this section of grade 8 to 12 lead to Edexcel IGCSE and Advanced level qualifications. Students sit for these examinations after completing grades 10, 11 and 12 respectively. They take a minimum of 7, a maximum of 9, subjects for IGCSE and a minimum of 3, a maximum of 4, for IAL. The academic year is from July to June. Within the academic year there are two terms: July to December and January to June. Report cards are issued at the end of each term. Till grade 7, all subjects are compulsory. At IGCSE, only Bangla, English Language B and Mathematics B are compulsory, others are optional. At Advanced Level, all subjects are elective. The syllabuses of IGCSE and IAL are given by a UK examinations authority. The structure of the curricular at both levels steadily develops students and equips them to face successfully the challenges of tertiary education. Daffodil International School’s policy prohibits ranking as it creates unhealthy competition and jealousy among peers. Moreover, it puts pressure on a child which is detrimental to their mental growth. So, while we are committed to ensuring that our students do the very best they can, you will not learn who stands first in the class. We hope that you will accept this in the spirit of cooperation intended.